Alden McDonald

Alden J. McDonald, Jr.
Alden J McDonald, Jr.
Liberty Bank and Trust Company, New Orleans, Louisiana
President and CEO

Alden McDonald, Jr. is president and CEO of Liberty Bank and Trust Company, one of the top African American-owned financial institutions in the United States. McDonald oversees an expanding network of financial institutions serving urban communities and provides leadership in community development to a diverse customer base throughout America. He is recognized as a passionate advocate and dynamic catalyst in providing avenues for economic growth, home ownership, wealth building and leadership development in the African American community. McDonald has gained a national reputation as a creative, insightful, yet practical problem solver who has developed mortgage and banking products that enhance the opportunities for the financially underserved, as well as the upwardly mobile populations of America's cities. A graduate of the Louisiana State University’s School of Banking and Columbia University's Commercial Banking Management Program, McDonald has celebrated more than 50 years in banking. Under his stewardship, Liberty has grown from an initial asset base of $2 million to more than $700 million in assets. Over the past 10 years, Liberty has closed over $1 billion in loans. Liberty now operates financial institutions in nine states and 11 major urban areas.