Rodney Ramcharan

Rodney Ramcharan
University of Southern California
Associate Professor, Finance and Business Economics

Rodney Ramacharan is the Associate Professor of Finance and Business Economics (tenured), Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California and Director of Research, USC Lusk Center for Real Estate. Previously, Ramcharan worked at the Board Governors of the Federal Reserve System, serving as the first chief of the Systemic Financial Institutions and Markets Section (2012-2015). In that role, I helped develop analyses to understand better the role of financial institutions in the US economy, and contributed to the regulatory policy discussions at both the Federal Reserve and at Basel. I also worked for the International Monetary Fund from 2000-2010 during which I contributed to policy discussions on exchange rates and monetary policy in emerging markets such as South Africa and in a number of developing economies. I also served on the editorial board of Finance and Development and have been a visiting scholar at the Dutch National Bank and the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia and served as a consultant to the Swedish Riksbank. Much of my research agenda has been shaped by the important policy questions I have encountered at these institutions.