Reid Ryan

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Reid Ryan
R Bank and R Corp Financial, Round Rock, Texas; Houston Astros Baseball Club
Founding investor and board member for R Bank and R Corp Financial, Round Rock, Texas; President for business operations, Houston Astros Baseball Club

Reid Ryan is a founding investor and board member for R Bank and R Corp Financial, Round Rock, Texas. He is also the president for business operations for the Houston Astros Baseball Club. Reid is one of the youngest team presidents in the game and brings enthusiasm and energy to the organization, while also providing a wealth of experience working in professional baseball. From day one, Reid has emphasized the importance of the fan experience and has made it a personal mission to openly engage with the Astros fan base. At nearly every home game, Reid can be found in the stands, speaking with Astros fans on a personal level. Within a few weeks of starting his new position and making his rounds through the ballpark, Reid used that fan feedback to make some changes. He followed up on a specific request to have the ballpark opened earlier in order to give fans access to Astros batting practice, which is now stadium policy. Whether he’s in the ballpark on game days or on the Astro’s Community Leaders ball fields participating in youth baseball and softball clinics with local at-risk children and teens, Reid takes pride in being an active member of the Houston community. Before joining the Astros, Reid was the founder and CEO of both the Corpus Christi Hooks and the Round Rock Express minor league franchises, both of which are perennially lauded as two of the top franchises in minor league attendance, stadium satisfaction and franchise value. Shortly after coming on board in Houston, Reid continued to affect positive change by bringing the Corpus Christi Hooks into the fold as an owned and operated affiliate of the Houston Astros. The Round Rock Express remains the Triple A affiliate of the Texas Rangers. Reid’s history with Texas baseball goes back decades. During the 1980s, Reid was a bat boy for the Astros while his father and Hall of Famer Nolan was an All-Star pitcher in the Astrodome. He later pitched at the University of Texas and Texas Christian University, playing a part in two Southwest Conference Titles. Reid went on to pitch in the minor leagues for two seasons (1994-95) in the Rangers system after being selected in the 17th round of the June 1994 draft. A long-time respected member of minor league baseball’s leadership group, Reid has maintained his ownership interests in the Pacific Coast League’s Round Rock Express. He currently serves as the Texas League (Corpus Christi Hooks) Board of Trustees representative and is the finance chairman for Minor League Baseball.