2022 Research Papers Announced

The Federal Reserve System, the Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS), and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.(FDIC) are pleased to announce the papers that have been selected for presentation at the tenth annual Community Banking Research Conference, which will be held in person and virtually Sept. 28-29, 2022. The invitation-only in person conference will be held at the Federal Reserve bank of St. Louis, while the virtual conference will be open to all. 

The conference brings together academics, community bankers, regulators and policymakers to focus on the latest academic research on community banking and the important policy issues that affect community banks. In a related development, the award recognizing the paper for making the most significant contribution to banking research, was recently named the “John W. Ryan Award for Most Significant Contribution to Community Banking Research” in honor of the late John Ryan, the CSBS President and CEO who helped found the conference. Each year, the award is announced a few weeks after the conclusion of the conference.

This year's selected papers, sectioned by topic area, and their respective authors are:

Information and Bank Lending Terms

Bank Monitoring in Construction Lending
Amanda Heitz, Tulane University; Alex Ufier, FDIC; Chris Martin, FDIC 

Bank Loan Markups and Adverse Selection
Mehdi Beyhaghi, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond; Cesare Fracassi, University of Texas; Gregory Weitzner, McGill University

Non-Information Asymmetry Benefits of Relationship Lending
Daniel Rabetti, Tel Aviv University

Transparency in Supervision and Regulation

The Benefits and Costs of Transparent Supervision of Public Banks: Evidence from Disclosure of SEC Comment Letters
Amy Hutton, Boston College; Yupeng Lin, National University of Singapore; Susan Shu, Boston College; Ira Yeung, University of British Columbia; Xin Zheng, University of British Columbia;

The Social Externalities of Bank Disclosure Regulation: Evidence from the Community Reinvestment Act
Sydney Kim, University of Illinois; Oktay Urcan, University of Illinois; Hayoung Yoon, Southern Methodist University 

Sentiment in Bank Examination Reports and Bank Outcomes
Maureen Cowhey, Federal Reserve Board; Seung Jung Lee, Federal Reserve Board; Thomas Popeck Spiller, Federal Reserve Board; Cindy Vojtech, Federal Reserve Board

Minorities’ Access to Credit 

The Impact of Minority Representation at Mortgage Lenders
W. Scott Frame, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas; Ruidi Huang, Southern Methodist University; Erik J. Mayer, Southern Methodist University; Adi Sunderam, Harvard Business School

Bank Competition and Entrepreneurial Gaps: Evidence from Bank Deregulation
Xiang Li, Boston College 

“Let Us Put Our Moneys Together:” Minority-Owned Banks and Resilience to Crises
Allen N. Berger, University of South Carolina; Maryann P. Feldman, University of North Carolina; W. Scott Langford, University of North Carolina; Raluca A. Roman, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Poster | Video Session

The Age Gap in Mortgage Access
Natee Amornsiripanitch, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

The Procyclicality of FDIC Deposit Insurance Premiums
Ryan Hess, Stanford University; Jennifer S. Rhee, FDIC